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Which Electric Bike Class is Right for You?

Electric bikes have 3 main types that they are classified into. These classes are used as identifiers for the type of bike, and how that bike is receiving assistance from the electrical system. Each country, state, and city have their own specifications for what the classes are and what class is permitted for riding in specific areas. Below are the federally defined requirements for each class in the USA. You can check out Colorado's electric bike laws here or any other state here. All of the Magnum models can be adjusted to meet the requirements for each class depending on the need of the rider. Always make sure to check out your local laws before riding.

Class 1 - Pedal Assist, 20mph max speed

This is the most common type of ebike. As the rider pedals, the electrical system gives the rider assistance. These bikes do not have throttles and have a maximum speed of 20 mph.

Class 2 - Pedal Assist, 20mph max speed, Throttle

Class 2 ebikes have all of the same components of Class 1, but have a throttle (20mph max) along with the pedal assist.

Class 3 - Pedal Assist, 28mph max speed, Throttle

Class 3 ebikes can have both a throttle (20mph max) and pedal assist with a cap of 28 mph.

Wattage is important as well - to remain within all of the 3 classes an ebike must have at or below a 750-watt motor.

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